The management of the zoo states that since significant violations in the activity of the "Fairy Tale" zoo (Skazka) were not discovered during the checks, the "charge" against the zoo was based on the results of tax audit of June 2016.

“During the audit, it was discovered that the zoo sold tickets do not indicate all the data about the ticket manufacturer. The identified "violations" were eliminated, a stamp with missing requisites was made, and all tickets were stamped. But the management of the tax inspection was replaced, along with this, the requirements changed as well. In connection with this, March 16, 2017, zoo "Fairy Tale" is to be closed for a period of 3 months,” the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tale" and the park of lions "Taigan" Galina Lomakina informed.

Reportedly, when the zoo is closed, the animals will be just doomed to extinction, since the only source of income for owner Oleg Zubkov is the entrance fees for tickets.

Referene: Crimean businessman Oleg Zubkov is known as one of the ardent supporters of the Russian occupation. During the annexation in March 2014, he facilitated the Russian occupation forces in the Crimea, providing buses and other material assistance. In 2015, Zubkov proposed to build a monument to Putin in Simferopol.

Later, the Crimean businessman changed his mind, saying that he was disappointed with the conditions of the occupation and wanted to flee the Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet