A traditional military parade was held in Sevastopol on May 9, 2016.

“Dozens of Russian journalists, turnstiles and metal detectors, restricted access and modern military equipment- all this was meant to provide Star and NTV, two major Russian propaganda channels, with great footage. However, the organizers made a bad blunder by failing to instruct the soldiers riding military trucks not to train their anti-tank missile launchers on the spectators," QHA cites an unidentified source in Crimea.

Traffic in the streets adjacent to the site of the parade was closed well in advance.

Black Sea Fleet’s submarine and three warships, including the Bora, the world’s largest high-speed missile warship (aka ‘a catamaran with an aerostatic air bag’), which uses a hydrodynamic platform, were anchored in the harbor facing Sevastopol.

Troops of the Ministry for Emergency Situations (favored by Russia’s Defense Minister, who formerly held an office of Minister for Emergency Situations), paratroopers, marines and others troops took part in the parade.

According to various sources, fifteen hundred soldiers of the Black Sea Fleet participated in the parade.

Bastion, Mineral and Monolith coastal defense missile systems, Carapace-S and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, Grad multiple launch systems, Lynx armored personnel carriers and other armored vehicles rolled down the main street of Sevastopol. The BTR 82A, the newest Russian APC, also made its first appearance at the parade.

Visiting guests included representatives of the People's Republic of China, as well as visitors of the Artek holiday camp.

On this sunny and hot day, spectators carrying flags and inflatable batons with the word ‘Russia’ on them swarmed the area between Sevastopol’s Nakhimov Street and Ushakov Square.

After a falsified referendum of March 16, 2014, at which Crimeans ‘freely exercised their will to join Russia’, Russia occupied Crimea in February-March 2014. Most of the world did not recognize Russia’s jurisdiction over Crimea, while to Ukraine Crimea remains a temporarily occupied territory.