Crimean law enforcement agencies  in Simferopol controlled by the invaders, handed the indictment to journalist Nikolai Semena. He faces up to 5 years in prison for incitement to "separatism" in Russia, which is supposedly traced in his publications, the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov informed on his page.

“At this moment Nikolai Semena is handed the indictment in a criminal case!” The lawyerwrote yeasterday.

Earlier, human rights activist Emil Kurbedinov spoke with Nikolai Semena on the current situation in the occupied Crimea and on the prosecution committed by local law enforcement agencies over the journalist.

“Nikolai is a very persistent, decent man and journalist! The verdict in the case of Nicholas Semena will become another "face" of modern Russia!”

In early December, a lawyer Andrei Sabinin expressed concern that Russian invaders-controlled "Court" will not leave a chance for Nikolai Semena’s acquittal. The lawyer expressed hope that, despite the fact that Semena is imputed a criminal article, providing a prison sentence of up to five years, they will be able to achieve a more humane punishment.

December 7th journalist Nikolai Semena,  accused by Russian Federation of "separatism",was brought a final version of charge in 6 volumes.

On April 19, the pro-Russian "prosecutor" of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya launched a criminal case against the journalist Nikolai Semena on charges of separatism and his articles. On April 28, after questioning and searches, he received the status of a suspect. However, Semena denies the allegations of the occupation authorities.

Photo: Internet