The so-called city of Sevastopol Council informed why and when will the public sector wages be cut. The occupation authority considers that the principle of public sector pay system should be reviewed, as some receive higher salaries than their counterparts.

“The representatives of the same profession, of the same level should receive equal pay, regardless of the departments they work in,” said Tatiana Shcherbakova, the head of the "Committee on social and humanitarian issues."

Shcherbakova went on saying that the new law aims to protect not the management and staff, but the direct executors of the state order. The officials are to be provided information within two months.

Local residents are ambivalent about the initiative of the self-proclaimed authorities, noting that "the history has never seen the heads’ salary cut down."

Earlier, QHA reported that the doctors in Crimean hospitals did not want to work due to low salaries.

Photo: Internet