On Sunday morning, lawyer Emil Kurbedinov walked out of the temporary detention center for suspects and accused, according to his colleague Eden Semedlyaev.

February 5, Emil Kurbedinov’s term of detention expired. The Crimean lawyer had been accused of distributing extremist materials under the decision of the occupation court. Ukrainian and international public, as well as legal community, recognized that the true reason for the arrest is different, namely, the occupation authorities were trying to withdraw the active defender of the Crimean Tatars political prisoners, the Crimean Muslims, in particular, from the case.

Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was arrested in the morning of January 26 and charged with an offense under Article 20.3 of the RF Administrative Code (Propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols, or paraphernalia or symbols of extremist organizations, or other paraphernalia or symbols, propaganda or public demonstration of which is prohibited by federal law) for the publication of in the social network of 2013. Kurbedinov pleaded guilty in part, noting that he posted the publication, but was not engaged in propaganda he is charged with. The court found him guilty and arrested for 10 days.

Russian and Ukrainian colleagues of Kurbedinov appealed to the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation with a request to take a set of measures on protection lawyer Emil Kurbedinov and prevent the purely political persecution. Human Rights organizations and the European Union demanded for his immediate and unconditional release.

Photo: Internet