In 2017, Central Bank of Russia is going to release a few commemorative coins celebrating Crimea, "Primechaniya" publication reports.
Allegedly, the coins of 2 rubles denomination, which is planned to be released in copies to 5 million units, will feature views of the Crimean cities Kerch and Sevastopol temporarily occupied by Russia.
In addition, the bank plans to issue 1000 copies of a 25-ruble silver coin "Chersonese", three-ruble silver "Surb Khach Monastery" (5000 pieces) and a two-ruble silver "Artist Aivazovsky, the 200th anniversary of his birth "(3000 pieces).
Previously, in December 2015, a commemorative banknote of 100 rubles was issued by the Central Bank of Russia. One side of it was devoted to the "Federal city of Sevastopol", and the other side to the "Republic of Crimea".
Photo: Internet