Russian security forces in the annexed Crimea will soon increase pressure on activists and conduct more inspections, Olha Skrypnik, the Head of the Crimean Human Rights Group, stated in the commentary to QHA.

According to her, a new wave of detentions will be associated with cases of extremism, and security officials will blame Crimeans for the dissimination of banned materials.

“An increase in the control by the law enforcement agencies and a lot of new inspections for extremist materials from social networks will definitely take place in Crimea. More websites will be blocked. Any post about Putin can be qualified as calls for the government overthrow,”  Skrypnik emphasizes. 

Thereby, the occupiers` statements on strengthening control on the peninsula during the presidential elections in the Russian Federation may become the first signal.

“Experience has shown that usually on the eve of Independence Day they [the occupiers - Ed.] talk about the threat of the so-called Ukrainian saboteurs and then find them. The words, unfortunately, correspond to their actions,” Skrypnik noted.

Earlier QHA reported that the occupiers detain Crimean activists to intimidate other inhabitants of the peninsula.