In occupied Simferopol, the removed Ukrainian signs with green arrows, allowing the turn to the right during the red traffic signal, were returned to their previous places.

The newly installed signs look exactly like the previously removed plates, despite the claims of the so-called traffic police to install additional sections of traffic lights.

Note that the "green arrows" were installed in Simferopol prior to the Russian occupation to reduce the transport load on the roads of the city. The invaders and collaborators stated that they did not give back the instructions to hang the signs, and did not even know who could do it.

“Who placed the plates again, I can not tell. I did not give such a command. There is a planned replacement for traffic lights sections, in accordance with the rules of the road," noted the so-called deputy head of the administration of Simferopol, Sergei Krutsyuk.

Earlier in the occupied Simferopol a major accident occurred in the Marino region. Five cars collided on the highway Simferopol-Yalta