In the Cossack bay in the occupied Sevastopol perennial trees are massively cut down, in order to construct high-rise buildings on their place.

Trees in the park were planted by the military as part of the city's greening program in the 1970s.

In the center of the improvised park there were several exotic specimens of cork oak, as well as redwood that were cut down in the summer of 2017 for the construction of a high-rise building.

The land with the park is allegedly owned by the RF Ministry of Defense, and the developer is the company "RBKStroy".

QHA reported that in the occupied Crimea in Alupka the red book 150-year-old cypresses were massively cut down for the construction of a private garage. According to the Yalta "laws", developers have the right to cut any tree for construction.

Source: Notes