"Authorities" of the occupied Sevastopol leased more than 3 thousand hectares of forest, reserves and beaches to the property of businessmen engaged in hunting.

LLC "Orlinovskoe hunting ground", which will have to pay only 270 rubles (about 4.4 USD) a year for the use of a huge territory, received the land without a tender.

“Forest sites with a total area of 3,800 hectares stretching from Cape Aya to the villages of Goncharne and Reservne, and further - almost to the Barrel of Death in Balaklava, covering the entire coast of the sea, from the Golden Beach to the Lost World Beach,” experts say.

Almost 10% of all forest plantations in Sevastopol are located on the "donated" territory. After the transfer of land, the occupiers are likely to be allowed to build a hunting town on the territory.

Hunting in the forests of the company was allowed even before the occupation. Taking into account this territory, about 30% of all forest plantations of Sevastopol were "taken away", but the commercial component was not considered before.

“Now in the territory of the enclosure holes are being drilled for the poles, it is fenced off, new reservoirs are being dug. Because of this, the springs of the Cape Aya reserve are losing water. And in the landscape reserves "Cape Aya" and "Baidarskiy" they intend to plow fields for beets and Jerusalem artichoke. The tenant needs the root crops to feed animals, which will then be shot,” experts say.

Now, due to the transfer of land and the construction of a hunting town on it, the Sevastopol residents will have to pay for the entrance to the forest.

Earlier QHA reported that the invaders in the Crimea are selling forests.

Source: BSNews