Today, September 10, the so-called "Supreme Court of the Crimea" did not satisfy the demand of the defense of Volodymyr Balukh and left the decision of the "Razdolnensky district court" to keep the Kremlin’s prisoner in detention, the public organization Crimean Solidarity reported on Facebook.

Thus, the defense requested to satisfy the appeal filed by the lawyer Olga Dinze against the decision of the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Simferopol to terminate the proceedings on the application for conditional release of Volodymyr Balukh and to cancel the previous ruling of the Razdolnensky District Court.

Volodymyr Balukh participated in the "court session" on video communication. During the speech of the prosecutor, Volodymyr Balukh interrupted him, calling the court session a "farce". He refused to participate in it, after which the "judge" disconnected the political prisoner.

It is worth noting that Volodymyr Balukh continues an indefinite hunger strike, which he announced on March 19, 2018. Earlier it was reported that Baluh had severe liver pain. Despite this, he was not provided with the necessary medical attention.

In July, the Russian-controlled Razdolnensky District Court sentenced Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Balukh to five years of ordinary-regime colony and a fine of 10,000 rubles in the aggregate of two criminal cases - allegedly beating the head of the detention facility in the Crimea and illegally buying, selling and storing weapons.