The Russian occupation authorities will close the meteorological station in Qarabiy yayla (southern eastern Crimea) in 2018. The station is the oldest one in the occupied peninsula.

The corresponding statement was made by Tatiana Lubetskaya, the Head of the Russian National Weather Service.

The main reason to close the station is the low level of demand for information received from the station, Lubetskaya stated.

“The information we receive from the Qarabiy yayla post is not in demand. There is no adequate infrastructure, it is difficult to reach, and the collected information is not provided to the international network, (meteorological observations, the source for compiling the weather forecasts) or anywhere else. Since nobody is going to build the roads, the access for the observers is limited and they are alone there, so we do not see the need in investing too much effort. Several reasons exist for this decision, both objective and subjective. Of course, we can not establish stations on every hillock in the Crimea. Nobody should feel upset in that regard,” Lubetskaya mentioned.

She went on saying that, the above-mentioned decision was initiated by management of the National Weather Service in Moscow.

Reference:  The meteorological station in Qarabiy yayla was constructed in the beginning of the XX century. Regular monitoring of weather changes has been carried out here since 1916.