Simferopol (QHA) -

Monument dedicated to twice-hero of the Soviet Union Amet-Khan Sultan was designed in Crimea. To create the monument, about one million UAH is needed. This was said during a press conference by Gennadiy Babenko, deputy of the Crimean Parliament.

Babenko said that the first flight of Amet-Khan Sultan took place in Simferopol, thus the monument is planned to be installed here, in the Crimean capital.

The deputy also specified the place for the monument.

Note: Amet-Khan Sultan was a Soviet fighter and test pilot.

With the German attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941 he was a pilot.

Amet-Khan flew some 603 sorties, participated in 150 air battles, and personally claimed 30 planes shot down, with 19 more victories shared.

In 1946 he transferred to the Reserve and became a test pilot. He was killed in a plane crash on February 1, 1971 during a test flight on Tupolev Tu-16LL. During his lifetime he personally tested over 100 planes.