Pickets in support of the Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov are held near the building of Administration of the Russian President.

In the morning of September 6, two people came at Putin's administration with posters saying "Sentsov 116". In this way, the activists remind that the Ukrainian political prisoner has been on a hunger strike for 116 days.

The organizer of the action is a teacher-psychologist Yulia Samoilova. She noted that she plans to run this picket on a regular basis.

“During two days, people will stand here and then at Okudzhava’s [at the monument to Bulat Okudzhava on the Arbat Street - Ed.] from 10 am to 7 pm, while the administration is operating, pickets are prohibited at night. Although, why not make such an action round-the-clock,” Samoylova said.

Earlier, Oleg Sentsov wrote a letter to Russian human rights activists Nikolai and Tatyana Schur, in which he asked not to concern about his health and not to make “nervous” moves without consulting him. Sentsov also thanked everyone who is helping him, as well as other political prisoners, for whom he is struggling.

Ukraine in the OSCE condemned the actions of the Russian Federation against Oleg Sentsov. Igor Lossovsky, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Ukraine to international organizations in Vienna, expressed concern about the health of imprisoned Ukrainian film-maker Oleg Sentsov.

Source: Novaya Gazeta