Participants of the 3rd working meeting of OSCE experts on civil liberties in the city of Almaty called for the occupants to immediately allow Nikolai Semena undergo treatment in specialized medical institution. Otherwise, Semena’s health deterioration and its consequences will remain on the conscience of Russians, according to the Information Centre on Human Rights.

The experts have expressed concern over the deteriorating health of the journalist. After all, according to the Kyiv Institute of Neurosurgery, Semena needs surgery; otherwise there is a risk that he will be an invalid. However, due to the criminal case, the FSB aroused against him, the Crimean journalist cannot go to the mainland Ukraine for medical treatment.

The Center also recommended the OSCE to support the idea of Dunia Mijatovic, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, to establish an international monitoring mission on the rights of journalists in Crimea, which was proposed in May.

Just a reminder: On April 19, the pro-Russian "prosecutor" of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya launched a criminal case against the journalist Nikolai Semena on charges of separatism and his articles. On April 28, after questioning and searches, he received the status of a suspect. However, Semena denies the allegations of the occupation authorities.

As QHA reported earlier, the defense of the Ukrainian journalist Nikolai Semena asked permission of the Crimean occupation authorities to release the suspect for treatment in Kyiv.

Photo: Internet