Compared to September, the administrative border with the Crimea was crossed by 46.6% less people and 39.7% less vehicles.

The corresponding information was provided by the Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine on Facebook.

Thus, in October, the administrative border in both directions was crossed by 142,363 people and 26,406 cars.

The checkpoint Chongar was crossed by 54,673 people and 10,216 cars in the direction of mainland Ukraine, and back – by 49,321 people and 9,535 cars.

14,537 people and 1,446 cars moved to mainland Ukraine via the Kalanchak checkpoint, in the opposite direction, 14,140 and 1,467, respectively.

The checkpoint Chaplinka was used by 4,894 people and 1,873 units of transport for visiting mainland Ukraine; 4 798 people and 1 869 cars traveled back.

The ministry noted that the administrative border is crossed mainly for visiting families, purchasing goods and receiving services, in particular, documentation procedures.

One of the highest crossing rates of the administrative border with the Crimea was recorded in July 2018, when the total number of crossings reached 350 thousand people.

Checkpoints Kalanchak and Chaplinka on September 6 suspended work due to chemical emissions in the Crimea. It was possible to cross the administrative border through the Chongar checkpoint.