In the annexed Crimea, a one-person picket was held in support of the participant of the "Strelkovaya" Protest Glades Crimean Tatar Vatan Karabash, who attempted self-immolation, according to activist Sergei Akimov.

The city and the location of the action are not specified. The poster which the unknown activist brought along to the picket, said: "How many more sacrifices are needed for the Crimean authorities to stop bullying people?"

Akimov informed that the picket took place at the entrance to the market, the security of the market tried to prevent the holding of the action.

Reference: on August 3, the activist of the Protest Glades committed an act of self-immolation near the Simferopol Mayor's office. The man poured a flammable liquid on himself and set himself on fire. The people managed to extinguish the clothes burning on him.

Soon it became known that the person who attempted self-immolation was Vatan Karabashev. His mother, Mumine Murtaza, has been a participant in the Protest Glades at Strelkovaya massif since 2006, she had a capital foundation there. The company Akura has fenced this foundation off as well as several others. This foundation is destroyed.

QHA reported that invaders seek to demolish a residential district of "Strelkovaya", which appeared as a result of land squatting in order to build a new residential complex "Crimean Rose".  

On August 2, the equipment of the Akura company and the OMON forces (special police detachment) arrived to demolish houses of Crimean Tatars.