Residents of Yalta complain that after the summer season, the main beach of the city "Primorsky" has more in common with a dump than with a place for recreation, according to the local edition of Vyalte, which published photos from the beach.

As is known, the embankment of Yalta from the end of the 19th century was a favorite place for tourists to relax and improve health.

“Doctors recommend everyone to come to rest and walk a lot, breathe the sea air and enjoy the unique landscapes of Yalta. But look what happened to a beach in the center of Yalta, located on the waterfront to the right of the Oreanda Hotel, what it has turned into,” the publication notes.

Earlier, the "authorities" of Yalta were asking the Russian Federation to allocate funds to repair the museum of Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka.

Source: Vyalte