In the village of Demidov, the Vyshgorodsky district of the Kyiv region farewell ceremony for the murdered Iryna Nozdrovska was held today, January 9.

Several dozen people gathered near the house of the human rights defender.

“We were good friends, supported each other. I'm just shocked that it was possible to kill this person brutally," Lyudmila Martynenko, a friend of the deceased, said.

Near the house there is an ambulance and a police car.

People brought flowers to the portrait of Iryna Nozdrovska.

The killed human rights activist will be buried in the local cemetery in the center of the village.

Reportedly, the suspect in the murder of Iryna Nozdrovskay did not repent of the crime.

According to the INSIDER website, during the interrogation the suspect allegedly stated that a quarrel had occurred at the bus stop, after which he took out a knife and struck the victim in the neck. After committing the crime, the man dragged her to the river, and burned clothes with blood drops at home in the oven.

Reference: On January 1, near the village of Demidov in the Vyshgorodsky district of the Kyiv region, police officers discovered the body of human rights activist Irina Nozdrovskaya, who had disappeared at the end of December in Kyiv.

As it became known to QHA correspondent, Nozdrovskaya's body was found under the bridge over the river Kizka. There are reasons to believe that she was thrown out of the car.

On January 2, a protest took place in Kyiv near the main department of the National Police of the Kyiv region in connection with the murder of human rights activist Irina Nozdrovskaya.

Head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kyiv region, police colonel Dmitry Tsenov said that the daughter and the parents of the murdered Nozdrovskaya were provided protection.

Lawyer Irina Nozdrovskaya investigated the murder of her 26-year-old sister Svetlana Sapatinskaya.

It should be noted that two years ago, Dmitry Rossoshansky being intoxicated caused a car accident which resulted in the death of 26-year-old Svetlana Sapatinskaya - Irina Nozdrovskaya's sister. Nozdrovskaya began independent work in the case on murder of the sister.

In June of last year Dmitry Rossoshansky was sentenced to 7 years in prison. On December 28, his lawyer tried to appeal, but the indignant public did not allow this.

Nozdrovskaya was often threatened by friends and relatives of Rossoshansky. Rossoshansky himself is the nephew of the judge Sergei Kuprienko (Vyshgorodsky district of the Kyiv region).