Conscious or frightened residents of Mariupol bring to the police department a variety of weapons and supplies, like guns, rifles, pistols, knives and bullets, according to Department of State communications of the National Police in the Donetsk region.

All those who voluntarily surrendered weapons are exempt from criminal liability under the current legislation.

Throughout October, the city held a month of voluntary surrender of weapons, ammunition, explosives among civilians.

Traditionally, the police conduct similar events twice a year to prevent the tragic consequences of careless handling of weapons and withdraw hazardous items from the illegal traffic.

23 of the 94 weapons that Mariupol citizens surrendered to police, were kept illegally. And some of them have become a real discovery for owners. For example, one Mariupol resident saw a gun under the floor of his house while repair work and immediately called the police officers. Another conscious resident of the city found a foreign gun in the home of a deceased relative, and also called the police.

But October in Mariupol turned out to be rich in seizures of illegal weapons as well. Different ammunition, grenades, different types of weapons and explosives were seized at the main strategic places like bus and railway stations and checkpoints. As a rule, Mariupol residents and guests tried to take dangerous items beyond the city. Many of the detainees said the guns were their personal belongings, without worrying about possible harm to the others.

Photo: Communications Department GUNP in the Donetsk region