A special village for about 50 people with autism will be developed in Dnepropetrovsk region. The cost of construction is estimated to be UAH 12 mln.

According to Lidia Frolova, head of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Rehabilitation Center for children with autism, all the inhabitants of the village are supposed to be the graduates of the social center, left without parental care, including those older than 20 years.

“Such people will be able to live almost independently but under supervision of experts. We hope that the situation will get better in the country by the end of construction. So, we will be able to receive a grant and provide specialist support services,” said Lidia Frolova.

Andrey Protasenya, head of Akrolon-5 architectural bureau, shared his ideas regarding the village, “We design a tree-storey building with a total area of 1.000 square meters with classrooms, common rooms, apartments, creative workshops, a gym and attached greenhouse, where plants can be cultivated.”