Comparing the today's photos with those taken before Russia occupied Crimea one can see that Koktebel’s embankment is now in decline.

It has been two years since Russia took over Crimea. Here’s what Koktebel’s embankment looks like now:

 - No waterslide;

 - No lights;

 - No palm trees;

 - Beach overgrown with weeds;

 - No tourists;

But that’s OK, ‘cause no Bandera supporters are there, either,” writes Schreiber on his Facebook page.

The blogger responded to possible accusations of the photo being photoshopped:

“Of course, it's been shopped. And you can watch thousands of happy tourists on the beach in the morning. The link to the web camera is available here:


It was reported earlier that Dmitry Medvedev, Leader of the United Russia Party, went to Crimea to meet with his party’s voters. Responding to disgruntled pensioners who demanded that their pensions be increased, Medvedev said: “We have no money for that. But you hang in there”.

Just a reminder: Russia occupied Crimea in 2014. The Ukrainian Parliament set the official date of Crimea’s annexation as February 20, 2014.