October 14, in the Crimea, a minimum of 34 people were detained for taking part in pickets, against reprisals by Russian security services against the Crimean Tatars, the "Crimean Solidarity" reported on Facebook.

A total of more than 100 participants held single pickets in the occupied peninsula.

Throughout the Crimea, activists came out with posters saying "Crimean Tatars are not terrorists," "Stop the lawlessness of law enforcement officers in the Crimea," "Freedom to political prisoners," etc.

Reportedly, all the arrests took place with violation of even the current Russian legislation. According to unconfirmed information, by 16:45 most of the detainees had already been released.

Many cases of unlawful actions by Russian law enforcement officers against Crimean Tatar activists were recorded on camera.

Earlier, QHA reported that police is massively detaining activists who went on single pickets, protesting against the arbitrariness of Russian security forces against the Crimean Tatars.

People came out with pickets throughout the Crimea. Pickets are held in Simferopol, Dzhankoy, Gvardeysk, Belogorsk and other cities of the occupied peninsula.

Previously, on October 11, occupants were massively conducting searches and detentions in the homes of Crimean Tatars in Bakhchysarai from the early morning.

Later, the Kremlin-controlled Simferopol court has chosen a measure of restraint for all six Crimean Tatars, who were searched on October 11. The activists were arrested for two months.

The lawyer of one of the detainees said that the arrests of the Crimean Tatars were caused by the fact that the latter refused to recognize the new order in the Crimea and the annexation of the peninsula by Russia.