Police officers in the occupied Crimea are trying to forcefully take samples of DNA from the arrested activists, who went to single pickets, demanding to stop the violence of the security forces against the Crimean on the annexed peninsula.

Lawyer Edem Semedlyaev reported on the situation on air of Hayat Radio.

“An unprecedented case occurred in Simferopol in the Kyiv district police station, where the officials attempted to take away phones and personal belongings of the detained people. Moreover, they tried to forcibly take samples of DNA and fingerprints of the detainees. Police officers behave very rudely," he said.

Semedlyaev said that the police refused to explain the reasons for the detention or present their identity cards.

According to the lawyer, at the moment it is not known exactly how many people came out with single pickets today in the Crimea. The exact number of detainees is not known either.

Earlier, one of the participants of a single picket stressed that during a long history of the Crimean Tatars a single case of the terrorist attack was not recorded.

Edem Semedlyaev called on relatives of detained activists to monitor their fate. Semedlyaev stressed that the activists detained by Russian security forces are not obliged to give any explanations or fingerprints. He also noted that one of the major tasks now is not to allow the disappearance of the detained people.

QHA reported that police is massively detaining activists who went on single pickets, protesting against the arbitrariness of Russian security forces against the Crimean Tatars.

People came out with pickets throughout the Crimea. Pickets are held in Simferopol, Dzhankoy, Gvardeysk, Belogorsk and other cities of the occupied peninsula.

PHOTO: Anton Naumlyu