The extension of the arrest to Ukrainian political prisoner Volodymyr Balukh, who continues the hunger strike, is torture by the Russian authorities, the lawyer Nikolai Polozov said on June 15.

“Everything that happens with Balukh can not be called other than torture. These are torture - both physical and moral. The global task is to break the Ukrainian patriot, as it was in Soviet times in the NKVD torture chambers. But despite the Crimean poor penitentiary system and terrible situation with medical assistance, I hope that the authorities of the Russian Federation will be clever enough not to bring the state of Balukh to critical. After a hunger strike, the ability of the body is greatly weakened. So I hope that he will be transferred to the hospital. What is the danger of a hunger strike? The state of health can worsen instantly. Organ failure cannot be predicted. And if you miss the moment - the consequences will be irreversible. So the situation with Balukh is very serious. So, we must demand his hospitalization," the lawyer said.

Separately, he elaborated on a hunger strike by Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov.

“Now against the background of the World Cup, even the hunger strike of Sentsov does not impress the Russian leadership. But this is not an excuse for the Ukrainian authorities to give up. On the contrary, it is necessary to draw the attention of the world community to this problem,” he said.

The lawyer stressed the need to speak directly with the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, and not with the Russian society.

Earlier it was reported that the Razdolnensky district court controlled by the Kremlin in the occupied Crimea had extended the measure of restraint to Volodymyr Balukh.

Source: Gordon