The video records of the prosecution in the case against Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chiygoz, showed that the future collaborators behaved similarly to the pro-Ukrainian participants of the meeting on 26 February. However, only Ahtem Chiygoz found himself in the dock but none of the Crimean collaborators. That could be interpreted as double standards of the occupation "court," lawyer Nikolai Polozov said in his video message on the results of another "court" meeting in the Chiygoz case.

“The videos presented by the prosecutor, clearly show that the pro-Russian rally participants, as well as "militia" and "Cossacks", carried out purposeful and organized simultaneous provocation of pro-Ukrainian rally participants, generating a backlash. We see action of Chiygoz and several other members of the Mejlis, including Zaur Smirnov, and they are identical. It is not clear why only Ahtem Chiygoz is in the dock for the same actions,” the lawyer said.

Reportedly, according to the results of the previous meeting, Nikolai Polozov found that the evidence from the meeting February 26, 2014 refute the testimony of victims. Witnesses claimed that they allegedly heard the words Chiygoz said, though judging by the video, they were a few meters away from him, and physically could not hear his words due to the loud noise.

Photo: Internet