Defector-judge working in the Kyiv District Court of Simferopol Victor Mozhelyansky ignores the norms of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation to facilitate the Russian special services in the repression, according to Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov who protects Crimean Deputy Chairmen of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov and Akhtem Chiygoz in the "courts".

Polozov claims that collaborator Mozhelyansky deliberately delayed consideration of Polozov’s complaints against the actions of the FSB investigator for his abduction on January 25 until the decision of appellate instance. Thus, the Crimean "judge" directly violated the Criminal Procedure Code.

“Part 3 of Article 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure implies that such a complaint should be reviewed no later than five days after its receipt by the court ... January 30, I sent a letter of complaint and a list of contents to the Kyiv District Court of Simferopol, on February 1, it was taken to court . No later than February 8 the judge Mozhelyansky was obliged to consider it. But no, the judge Mozhelyansky deliberately permits judicial obstruction and violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Obviously waiting for decision of the appellate instance. In other words, the judge Mozhelyansky deliberately and repeatedly violate the law with regard to my person ... Perhaps he is not quite familiar with the Russian legislation if he allows such violations,” the lawyer wrote.

Nikolai Polozov also noted that it was Viktor Mozhelyansky, who being a judge of Ukraine in 2013, passed sentence to son of the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Hayser Dzhemilev. Subsequently, during the Russian annexation of Crimea, Mozhelyansky betrayed the oath and defected to the invaders.

Earlier, in the morning of January 25, lawyer Nikolai Polozov was illegally detained in Simferopol by FSB officers and taken to the department for questioning as a witness in the Ilmi Umerov case. The lawyer described this action as kidnapping on part of the invaders’ security services. Later Polozov claimed that the FSB tried to question him in the case in which he is a defender, which is a direct violation of the attorney-client privilege.

Photo: Internet