According to a well-known lawyer Nicholay Polozov, Security Forces’ attempt to penetrate the Crimean Bar Association is an action of intimidation and demonstration of force to those who defend the interests of the politically persecuted Crimeans.

“The authorities did not stop the repressions against the Crimean Tatars. Moreover, not only activists, but also those who defend them are now in danger,” said Polozov.

He went on saying that publicity is the only protection tool for the lawyers in Russia and the occupied Crimea.

“Alas, if the unspoken initiator of such persecution is the authority, than no rules and norms will help. Unfortunately, the professional activity of lawyers in Russia is at risk, especially for those who oppose the lawlessness in politically motivated affairs. Only publicity and the public's attention are the only a fragile tools, ensuring the safety in such situations,” he said.

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