Russia will use the kidnapped Ukrainian citizens for its own profit, the lawyer Nikolay Polozov said, commenting on the detention of Roman Sushchenko, a correspondent of the Ukrainian National Information Agency "Ukrinform".

“The history of 2014-2015 years repeats. Honestly, I did not expect that the kidnapping of Ukrainian citizens will continue, as the repressive machine is now focused on affairs in Crimea. But recent events show that a new case against a citizen of Ukraine is filed in Moscow. The Russian government by all accounts continues to use methods that have been used previously. But the experience of Savchenko case and several other political prisoners, unfortunately, did not bring any positive results. Now they just grab people, fabricate criminal cases and then bargain these people as hostages for the Kremlin’s interests. So, in my opinion, the situation will not change, until some pressure is exerted on the Kremlin,” he said.

Polozov believes that the new victim of the Russian special services is not chosen by chance. This is a message for the Ukrainian journalists who are currently in Russia to highlight its internal events and life in the occupied Crimea.

FSB accused the detained Ukrainian of espionage, saying that Sushchenko is an operative of Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry GUR denied that the detained journalist Roman Sushchenko was a Ukrainian intelligence officer, and called the statement of the FSB another fake.

“The espionage cases are problematic as they are difficult to cover. There exists a stamp "state secret." Due to this, the defenders are forced to sign all kinds of bonds and not to disclose the details. This is not the first sued Ukrainian. We can remember Vygovskyy and Shur, and here is the third case,” Polozov said.

September 30, the correspondent of the Ukrainian National Information Agency "Ukrinform" in France Roman Sushchenko was wrongfully detained in Moscow, where he arrived on personal business. The journalist's wife learned about his detention only on October 2, when the Russian media wrote that Roman Sushchenko is kept in Lefortovo jail in Moscow and charged with espionage. The FSB claimed that Sushchenko is an operative of the Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.
Later, the Lefortovo court setntenced the Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko to two months inprisonment.