It is wrong and unfair to call Islam a religion of terrorism, said Pope Francis aboard the plane en route from Poland to the Vatican, reports Deutsche Welle.

When asked by reporters about the reason he never uses the word "Islam" or "Islamic" to describe terrorist acts and violence, the Pope said that "it is wrong to associate Islam with violence."

There is always a small group of fundamentalists in every religion, he stressed.

However Francis considers that the terrorist group "Islamic State" has little to do with Islam. Violence is not inherent in any religion, he believes.

I do not like the phrase "Islamic violence" because I can see violence every day reading a newspaper: there is a man who kills his girlfriend, another one murders his mother-in-law. And these are all baptized Catholics. If we talk about Islamic violence, then it is appropriate to talk about Catholic violence as well, the Pope said.

July 31, Pope Francis celebrated a solemn Mass near Krakow, on the occasion of the World Summit of the Catholic youth, held in Poland. The Pope’s five-day visit to Poland concluded with a worship, attended by more than two and a half million people.

Photo: Internet