During the traditional annual address to the diplomatic corps at the Vatican, the Pope wished resolving to the grave humanitarian situation in Donbas as soon as possible, according to Vatican Radio.
“I Express the wish that in Ukraine, strongly directed forward in finding real solutions for the full implementation of the commitments undertaken by the parties, and, above all, that was a quick response to the humanitarian situation which is still difficult,” Pope Francis said.
He went on saying that he hopes for a quick solution to the humanitarian situation, which remains difficult.
The Pope focused on a number of hot spots of the planet and the tragedies of individuals and the whole peoples who became victims of the recent conflicts.
In his Christmas speech, the Pope spoke about the refugees and children who live in the conflict zone. He called to accept the children born during the war, in poverty and exile, the children "who try to escape the bombing staying in the underground bunkers, on the city roads, at the bottom of a crowded migrant boats."
Photo: Internet