At the end of the summer 2016, Russian sociologists recorded a significant reduction of the Crimean resorts’ popularity among Russians, compared to the previous year. The Russian Public Opinion Research Center conducted opinion polls at the end of the holiday season in 2016 and 2015, that showed the corresponding results.

Thus, according to the survey, posted on the website, 4% of Russians have visited the Crimean resorts this year, while in 2015 the figure was 6%. In 2013, 4% of Russians visited the Ukrainian Crimea on vacation, in 2014 (following the illegal annexation of the peninsula), this figure declined significantly, by 2% of the Russian Federation tourists.

Russian Public Opinion Research Center informs that "this summer (2016), Russians rarely went to resorts saving money. Home and summer houses are the most popular types of resort in times of crisis and international confrontation." The number of "gardeners" generally increased from 13% to 20%, while the number of "travelers" has decreased in almost all directions. For example, 11% of Russians have visited the Black Sea coast in Krasnodar region this summer (the figure in 2015 was 14%, in 2014 - 11%).

The initiative Russian opinion poll was conducted on September 10-11, 2016 in 130 settlements in 46 regions and 9 DOFs of the Russian Federation. Sample scope was 1600 people. The margin of error does not exceed 3.5%. Survey method is personal formalized interview at respondent residence.

Photo: Internet