President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko awarded Ukrainian pilot Alexandr Akopov, who works on the flights of the Atlasglobal Turkish company, with the medal "For Courage", for the landing of the emergency liner at the Istanbul airport, the presidential press service reported.

On July 27, in extremely difficult weather conditions, the pilot saved the lives of 121 passengers and 6 crew members performed flawlessly the landing of the emergency passenger liner at Ataturk Airport.

“The Ukrainian is awarded with a high state award for courage and dedication shown in the line of duty, and high professionalism”, reads the decree signed by the Head of the state.

On his Facebook page, Petro Poroshenko also commented the event:

“Whole world applauds to the act of the Ukrainian, and Ukraine is proud of such sons! I informed Aleksandr that I had decided to sign a decree on awarding him with the medal "For Courage". I am waiting for him in Kyiv to present the award personally".

Reportedly, on July 27 hailstorm broke the fore-body of the aircraft, which carried out the "Atlas Global" flight from Istanbul to Ercan (Northern Cyprus). Akopov landed the liner, tilting the plane slightly to one side to see the runway through the side window.

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