President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko posthumously awarded Reshat Ametov with the Golden Star of the Hero of Ukraine, the order was presented to his brother, according to the press service of the Head of state.

The President said that Reshat Ametov is a hero of the Ukrainian people. The President stressed that it is a great honor for him to present the award to the brother of the deceased hero, Refat Ametov, and assured that his feat will always be remembered.

"We will do our best to return the Crimea to Ukraine as soon as possible," he said.

The Head of state noted that Reshat did not imagine life without freedom.

“This man could not be bowed, and in order to overcome his resistance, these criminals, these terrorists decided to kill him. Exactly four years ago, the family saw Reshat last time when he went to the military registration and enlistment office to join the ranks of volunteers to protect the Ukrainian land,” the President said.

Poroshenko noted that Ametov will always live in the memory of the Crimean Tatar people.

In turn, the brother of the hero Refat Ametov thanked the President for the high state award and said that his brother was always proud of being a citizen of Ukraine.

"I ask you, Mr. President, to make efforts, find the perpetrators of my brother’s death, detain them and punish them. I am grateful to you that in 2014 you were one of the first who appreciated the action of Reshat. It was very important,” Refat Ametov said  and thanked all the Ukrainians who helped the children of Reshat, who had become orphans.

The President stressed that the Ukrainian government is doing everything to find the perpetrators of this crime.

“Former President Yanukovich invited the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to a free, sovereign state Ukraine. Now the trial is under way - objective, open, fair and independent. And in a fair trial, the verdict will be announced for the offender for high treason," the president said.

He went on saying that Ukraine initiated a lawsuit in the UN against Russia as an aggressor country.

“We are with you. There is no doubt. I saw with my own eyes both the Crimean "self-defense" and the "green men" who came from Russia to kill Ukrainians, first to the Crimea, and then to the Donbas," the President stated.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko recalled the birthday of the Crimean Tatar Reshat Ametov, who in the first days of the occupation of Crimea went to a one-person picket to the building of the Council of Ministers of the Republic in Simferopol.