November 7, in Simferopol and Sevastopol, Communists held rallies dated to the anniversary of the October Revolution.

In Sevastopol, participants came to the streets with portraits of Stalin and communist flags.

At the rally, slogans "Glory to great Stalin" were chanted, activists held the posters "For the Motherland, for Stalin", "Long live the Great October Socialist Revolution" in their hands.

Photos from the rally were published in social networks.

At the same time, the rally participants criticized the Russian authorities for pension reform.

Vasiliy Parkhomenko, the Head of the City Committee of Communists, said that citizens began to complain about employers, because of refusals to employ people of pre-retirement age.

The Head of the Komsomol town council, Aleksandr Cheremenov, said that in this connection "the Soviet power should be returned".

"The Communist Party of the Russian Federation warns! Voting for the United Russia leads to an increase in the retirement age," the rally participants chanted.


"Back to the future", once again I'm convinced that I did the right thing leaving this city," one of the users comment on this action in social networks.

The Communists of Simferopol also celebrated this day.

Earlier, October 29 the 100th anniversary of the All-Union Lenin Communist Youth Union - VLKSM was celebrated in the annexed Crimea. The communists organized exhibitions and volunteer clean-ups, and laid flowers to the monument to Lenin.
Source: News of Crimea