Anton Krotov, a Russian traveler, posted a photo report on his blog on LiveJournal.

“The city looks simpler and poorer than the neighboring Donetsk. There are no posters and portraits of the leader of the LPR (Lehagsk People’s Republic), as well as fridge magnets with his image. A shuttle bus ticket costs RUB 10. Everything is more expensive than in Donetsk, particularly transport, which is less common here, both local and intercity,” the blogger wrote.

The published photos clearly show that the situation in the city is not positive - the center of Luhansk is empty at the weekend, shops are closed, and some buildings have still not been repaired after the shelling.

However, the local "authorities" had taken care of the perpetuation of the "Heroes of New Russia", having set up the monuments all over the city.

Photo: Anton Krotov