President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree on awarding the title of Hero of Ukraine to four soldiers for bravery, heroism, loyalty to the military oath, manifested in the defense of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, according to the official website of the President.

The honorary title was granted on Captain Valery Chibineev and Colonel Andrey Kovalchuk. Two members of the antiterrorist operation - captain Sergey Kolodiy and a soldier Igor Branovitskiy have been awarded posthumously.

Today, Ukraine celebrates the 25th anniversary of independence. August 24, 1991 Ukraine declared its independence (prior to that it was part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR).

The Declaration on Ukraine’s Independence as of August, 24 1991 was adopted the same year on December, 1 by national vote. The event was declared a state holiday only in June 1992 when the Supreme Council decided to consider August, 24 the Independence Day of Ukraine.

In fact, the first Independence Day was celebrated on July 16, 1991 - in memory of the fact that on July, 16 1990, the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR adopted the Declaration of Ukraine’s State Sovereignty.