The lack of cement in the construction shops of the occupied Crimea emerged because of the long queue at the ferry crossing and due to the partial suspension of production at the Bakhchysarai cement plant "Stroyindustriya", Kryminform reports referring to the Minister of Construction and Architecture of the occupied Crimea Sergey Kononov.
“To date, the "Construction Industry" enterprise provides about 40% of the total needs of the republic. In fact, they do have problems with one furnace, and зroductivity had declined a little. But 40% of the total volume, even with a slight drop in productivity is not all volume: 60% we imported. Unfortunately, the queue for ferries has accumulated, more than 200 wagons with cement - Novorossiysk cement, as a rule, we import from there - were not allowed to enter the territory of the republic. We solved this problem. They accumulated as a result of the weather conditions and subjective factors,”  Kononov said.
According to him, the problem of cement shortage in Crimea will be resolved in the coming days.
“Only yesterday, 93 carriages passed the ferry crossing, the day before yesterday - more than 60, but more carriages are coming, so according to statistics on the morning of yesterday, about 160-170 cars were on the ferry crossing. I think that in the near future the issue will be closed. Priorities, as you know, for the republic - it's diesel fuel, gasoline and now is the third strategic priority, if we talk about industrial cargo, it's cement," Kononov said.
Previously, the media reported on the emerged shortage of cement in the shops of the Crimea. Problems with the supply of cement resulted in difficulties in the construction industry of the annexed Crimea.
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