The profit of the Crimean enterprises and organizations in January-March 2018 amounted to 169.4 million rubles (2.76 million USD) or 0.5% of the same period last year. The corresponding information is provided by the Kremlin-controlled Territorial body of Federal Statistics service in Crimea Krymstat.

The share of profitable organizations amounted to 54% - they received 4.5 billion rubles of profit (about 73.3 million USD), which is less than the figures for the first quarter of last year almost by 90%. The major share of the total income, generated by the enterprises of the industry, was 36.2%.

Reportedly, 46% of enterprises worked at a loss. The largest number of unprofitable organizations is observed in the field of culture, sports, leisure and entertainment organizations - 80%, as well as almost 72% of hotels and food service companies. The enterprises of Simferopol have the greatest profit - 1.3 billion rubles (almost 21.2 million USD), and the most unprofitable ones are in Yalta, almost 1.2 billion rubles (almost 19.5 million USD).

As QHA reported, that since the beginning of 2018, the industrial production index in the occupied Crimea has fallen by 7.1% compared with the corresponding period in 2017.