Military Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine is investigating the cases of seven other soldiers, who are suspected of treason having left in Crimea after Russia’s annexation, the press service of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Central Region reports.

Thus, the proper proceedings were initiated against the Chief of Staff and Chief of Medical Service of the military unit A3009 in Sevastopol, as well as officers of the military unit A4519 in Yevpatoriya.

“They provided assistance to Russian troops in capturing the military unit in March 2014,  urged and incited the personnel to move to military service in the Armed Forces of Russia, hoisted the Russian flag in the territory of the military unit, as well as violating the military oath moved to service in the Russian Armed forces, that is, deliberately committed acts to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, inviolability of defense capabilities of Ukraine as well as its state, economic and information security,” reads the report.

In addition, these military are also accused of damaging military equipment that had to be transported to the mainland Ukraine.

The pre-trial investigation of the criminal proceedings will be carried out in a short time using a special preliminary investigation procedure.

Photo: Internet