The Russian military received a prestigious award from Russian President Putin for taking part in the battles in Donbas siding with the "DPR" terrorists, according to the article on results of the investigation by the “Inform Napalm” publication.

The publication reports, that the terrorist, staying in a hospital in St. Petersburg, where he was treated after serious injuries after Debaltsevo, posted a photo in the social network VKontakte featuring the medal "For Services to the Fatherland" II class with swords, and later dubbed the post in his "Odnoklasniki" network profile. According to the signature, the awarding order was dated April 19, 2016 and signed personally by President Putin.

Notably, that this medal is awarded to Russian servicemen extremely rarely, thus one can assume that the battle of Debaltsevo was of great strategic importance for Russia and the Donbas militants.

Earlier, QHA reported that at a hearing in the International Court of the United Nations in the Hague, the representative of Ukraine Dr. Harold Koh accused Russia of delivering weapons to militants in the Donbas, whose terrorist attacks caused casualties among civilians. He commented on the reaction to accusations from the representative of the Russian Federation Samuel Wordsworth, being outraged at the blatant fact that the Russian defendant did not deny arms supplies to the militants of Donbas.

PHOTO: Internet