Project developers invite the national media to fill actively the RSS feed with information on the art and get more involved in solving the problems of migrants from the Crimea.

“In December, the first social portal in Crimean Tatar language Qirim.Online was launched. Today, after two weeks of operation of the portal, we want to tell about what is important for the new network and what has changed since the start of the project, as well as what  is expected in the future,” said the portal developers.

According to them, Qirim.Online is a non-profit project, which aims at uniting the Crimean Tatars all over the world to solve the pressing problems, engaging the general public to participate in various activities, as well as providing with useful and pleasant communication and exchange of experience between the Crimean Tatars, regardless of their place of residence.

Today, the portal is available in three languages: Crimean Tatar (Cyrillic), Russian and English, so that developers hope to attract a wider audience. It is expected that soon it will also operate in Turkish, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar (Latin) languages.

Last week the developers solved the problems concerning communications modules and chat. As a result, the site is currently operating on modern model for such functions, which makes communication more comfortable for all users.

Lovers of Crimean Tatar music will be able to find the perfect music collection on Qirim.Online. The National Radio "Meidan" takes active part in the development of this function to the delight of all users.

“In just two weeks about a thousand people registered on the site. User-friendly interface allows users to quickly find friends, create groups, or exchange gifts. The site already lives its live. The developers believe that this project will become one of the favorite resources of the Crimean Tatars from around the globe. To make life on the Internet site even more interesting, the developers have prepared a few surprises in 2017. We invite you to register on the first Crimean Qirim.Online portal. We hope to see here all of your friends!”