The Kremlin controlled Supreme Court in the occupied Crimea has reviewed the appeal against the decision on the preventive measure in the case of the alleged extortion of money by the Crimean Asan Chapukh from a citizen of Turkey.

According to the source of QHA in Crimea, the judge dismissed the lawyer's complaint.

The defense of the Crimean Tatar activist insisted on changing the measure of restraint to house arrest.

“He's 65 years old. Staying in a remand center will produce a damaging effect on his health," the lawyer said.

Chapukh states that the meal in the remand center is poor, and the cells are damp and had fungus.

After the negative decision, the activist announced a hunger strike.

QHA reported that the Kyiv district "court" of Simferopol issued a decision on the preventive measure of detention against Asan Chapukh, who was arrested by the security forces on November 23 after the searches. Thus, the Crimean Tatar activist was detained until January 15, 2018.

It is worth noting that Chupukh and three other detainees (Kazim Ametov, Ruslan Trubachu, and Bekir Degermendi) have been charged with extortion, committed by a group of people (Part 2, Article 163 of the Criminal Code).

All four detainees were arrested until January 15, 2018.

Reference: November 23 in the annexed Crimea searches were conducted in the homes of Asan Chapukh and Amet Asanov in Koreiz; Kurtseit Abdullaev and his brother Eldar in Simferopol (both of them were detained); Ruslan Trubach was searched in the village of Blyzhne in Feodosia (he was detained with his wife, then his wife was taken to the search). In the cafe Medobory in Simferopol security forces detained Bekir Degermendzhi, father of Mustafa Degermendzhi, a defendant in the case of "February 26".

Also, the search was conducted at Kazim Ametov - a friend of Bekir Degermendzhi in the village of Grushivka, Sudak district, and in the house of Remzy Baytullayev in Hvardiiske.

As of 23:00 on November 23, the occupants released two detained activists - Kurtseit Abdullayev and his brother Eldar.