The Russia-controlled Kyiv district court in the annexed Simferopol extended the arrest to civil journalist Nariman Memedeminov, the public association Crimean Solidarity reported on Facebook.

Although the meeting was open, at first, none of the activists who came to support Mememinov were allowed into the courtroom.

Later, Mememinov’s mother was allowed to the “court”.

“The court hearing to extend the preventive measure against Nariman Memedeminov ended. They extended the preventive measure for two months,” the message Crimean solidarity said.

QHA reported that on August 14, the Kyiv District Court of Simferopol extended the term of arrest to Memedeminov until October 15. After that, the defense of the Crimean Tatar appealed against the decision of the "court", but the "Supreme Court" of Crimea rejected it.

Nariman Memedeminov was arrested on March 23, 2018. The occupation authorities suspect him of allegedly public calls for terrorist activities. Security forces searched the house of Memedeminov in the village of Kholmivka (Bakhchisarai district of Crimea), after which he was taken to Simferopol.