The Kremlin-controlled Simferopol District Court held a meeting to extend the measure of restraint against the Crimean Tatar Ismail Ramazanov the public association Crimean Solidarity reported on Facebook.

In the "court" there was a debate of the parties about the legitimacy of keeping Ramazanov in the remand centre.

Thus, the "court" ruled to keep the Crimean Tatar under arrest until July 16.

“Ismail Ramazanov will remain in custody until July 16, 2018,” the report says.

QHA reported that on May 31, the invaders in the Crimea upheld the verdict of the "Court of first instance" in the case against Crimean Tatar Ismail Ramazanov. The lawyer stated that Ismail Ramazanov's detention in the pre-trial detention center was illegal and demanded placing the detainee under house arrest.

Reference: Ismail Ramazanov was detained on January 23 after a search was conducted in his house. The invaders accused him of disseminating information on the Internet that fosters interethnic discord and interreligious hatred. Security officers claim that Ramazanov used the Internet radio Zello for communication, which is banned in Russia.