In the annexed Crimea, the court session ended to review the appeal on the case of the Crimean Tatar civil activist and journalist Nariman Memedeminov, the public organization Crimean Solidarity reported on its Facebook page.

According to human rights activists, lawyer Edem Semedlyaev filed a complaint about the fact that on the day of the search the FSB officers grossly violated his rights, in particular, did not explain them to him.

Under Article 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code, a complaint was filed to review these violations.

The last meeting on the case of Memedeminov was held on May 23. The lawyer noted that when filling out the interrogation protocols, the "investigator" did not enter data on the Ukrainian citizenship of the detained Crimean Tatar.

Previously, the Kremlin-controlled court in the Crimea extended the term of arrest to Nariman Memedeminov until August 15 this year. Crimean Tatar's lawyer Edem Semedlyaev said that Memedeminov was sent to a psychiatric examination.

He stressed that for this category of cases psychiatric examination is not mandatory, but practice shows that the occupiers carry out this humiliating procedure in all political cases against the Crimean Tatars.

Reference: the Crimean Tatar Nariman Memedeminov is suspected of "public calls to carry out terrorist activities".