February 21, in the so-called Supreme Court of Crimea an appeal of a Crimean Tatar activist, a participant of one-person picket, Simar Yakubov was considered, the human rights organization Crimean Solidarity reports.

Yakubov's lawyer Mustafa Seydaliyev filed a petition on photo and video recording of the court session, and the judge granted it, however, all other motions prepared by the defense counsel were rejected. 

In response to this, Seydaliyev challenged the judge and the entire judiciary. Motivating his decision by pointing out the rejection of petitions and the negative practice that developed in the cases of participants in one-person pickets.  

The judge rejected the challenge and decided to uphold a fine of 10,000 rubles.

Earlier, the so-called Supreme Court of the Crimea held a court session in the case of a participant in one-person picket Memet Lyumanov, the "court" abolished the fine to the Crimean Tatar activist.