Today, December 22, a hearing in the "Supreme Court of the Crimea" was held on appeal of Ablyakim Ablyakimov and Alim Muslyadinov. According to the decision of the "court", members of the "Sudak Four" were found guilty of committing an administrative offense for driving a car with the Crimean Tatar flag in Sudak on May 18, an activist Lenora Dulber reported.

October 27 the "court" of the city Sudak held hearings on the review of administrative cases against four Crimean Tatars, who were accused of organizing mass events May 18 this year droving in a car convoy with the Crimean Tatar national flags.

Alim Muslyadinov, Ablyakim Ablyakimov, Enver Chavush, Seytmamut Seytumerov were found guilty of an administrative offense and each of them was fined 20 thousand rubles.

Decision of the "court" taken December 22, differs from the original one in that the Crimean Tatars are called participants of the event, but not the organizers, and the original fine of 20 thousand rubles was reduced to 10 thousand rubles.