Sergey Akimov, who staged a single picket on Lenin Square in Simferopol on the occasion of the Constitution Day, December 12, was arrested by the "police".

Along with him the "police" brought to the department an activist Ilya Bolshedvorov, who was filming the picket. The law enforcement officials attribute the detention of the Crimeans to the fact that the presence of a person with camera makes up a picket group.

The activist said that the so-called Simferopol administration refused to agree the picket on Lenin Square, saying that another event is planned on that date. However, this was not confirmed.

The corresponding video interview with Akimov before detention was published on YouTube. The activist said that the occupation authorities in the Crimea does not guarantee freedom of speech and block "inappropriate" sites, moreover, it is impossible to establish any associations to protect one’s own interests.