The editors of the popular Ukrainian history site "Historical truth" (Istoricheskaya Pravda) appeal to the human rights organizations due to unlawful restrictions of its work in the Russian occupied Crimea according to the publication’s message.

“The other day the editorial office of the "Historical truth" received extensive evidence that the access to our site was limited in the Russian-occupied Crimea. In most cases, when one tries to visit the site computer monitors show the error "403 (Forbidden!)." This quiet site ban is just another proof that censorship in the Crimea is gaining momentum, and any position that does not coincide with the one of the official propaganda, falls under the prohibition. The editors believe that such actions are a restriction of freedom of speech and the right to free access to information. They are illegal and unacceptable,” reads the message on the site.

At the same time, representatives of publications state that they have not received any warnings and messages from the occupation "authorities" of the Crimea or "Roskomnadzor". The ban looks like the local providers disconnected the site under agreement or ruling.

Editors appeal to international legal organizations to influence the governmental structures of the occupying country, the Russian Federation, to ensure the proper operation of the site in Crimea.

Earlier QHA reported that in early January, Crimean law enforcement agencies in Simferopol controlled by the invaders, handed the indictment to journalist Nikolai Semena. He faces up to 5 years in prison for incitement to "separatism" in Russia, which is supposedly traced in his publications

Photo: Internet